Retro Carello Flasher Relay

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Here is a typical blend of the New and the old, CARELLO no longer makes the three-prong flasher relay for Ferrari. The original bi-metallic mechanical relay is "Load sensitive". That is, It blinks faster if the turn signal lamps are higher wattage ( Brighter). Yet, the original flasher relay below is also very delicate- and prone to failure. Above, a modern "Electronic" flasher is installed in the original flasher canister. It blinks at the same "european sanctioned" rate, no matter what the wattage of the bulbs in the circuit.
 Notice that stamped onto the outside of the original can is the message 
DO NOT DROP. I think that this testified to the fact that the original 1960's mechanical mechanism at the left is delicate, and prone to eventual failure . The replacement electronic relay from Napa Auto Parts has had its clear plastic canister removed, and its base was ground round to slide perfectly inside of the aluminum canister. Jumper wires were simply stripped and soldered to the original trimmed-off male spade lug terminals of the NAPA unit, and soldered to their corresponding original Ferrari "Bullet" connector base. Thus, all modern internal components are completely hidden within the original classic Carello Can.

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