Rolls Royce Steam Valves - O.D.D Parts
This valve functions the same as a radiator cap on Rolls Royce vehicles built in the late 50's and 60's.. Leave it to Rolls Royce to invent their own solution to to maintaining coolant pressure and venting excessive steam over a conventional radiator cap. These early units fit inside a remote reservoir tank, and  are discontinued from Rolls Royce.  This opened an opportunity to be remake these steam valves as a needed aftermarket replacement item.
   We made all the metal stamping dies to recreate these valves, and went a few steps better.  The inner valve is now a more positive proven design, and the  valve body is made of pure copper.

Brass original valves developed heat stress cracks
This series of steel dies quickly stamps copper into desired shapes
Here is a short production run of component parts.
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I enjoyed reading your blog, thank you.

rob israel
9/19/2014 11:16:42 pm

Hi do you sell the steam valves. I have a 79 RR SSII


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