This is a case of  "SHRINKING PLASTIC" that I deal with on so many components where the original design relies on the integrity of plastic that deteriorates over time.
 Specifically, here you see the GREEN VINYL COUPLING that I made to replace the original white plastic broken fingers and circular tension band that  are below in pieces on the table.
  Basically, the movement of the seat- forward and back- is transferred to this rheostat through gears driven by a "slip coupling" that allows the rheostat to "self calibrate" as the "slip" of the gear driven pinion maxes out the variable resistor  when seat travel reaches its limit.
The problem is that the fingers of the original white plastic ball "Palm" loose their grip as they break off at their "Knuckles". A simple piece of easily obtainable green vinyl fuel line holds fast to the square nubs of the original "broken wrist" YET, has the correct slipping tension when pushed over the coupler's driven ball. SEE the video operating my

4/4/2013 08:21:30 pm

Here we can see that the quick way to fix the car. Thanks for the instructions for changing the sensor.

7/5/2013 09:43:38 pm

Enough plastic parts for car made ​​from molds


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