The coil in the foreground is functional copy of the original 1937 Alfa Romero BOSCH coil (on the right). I have  adapted the new coil to run using a  magnetic electronic ignition hidden under the original breaker plate in the distributor.
 We made the various components from available shapes and compatible materials as can be seen in the photos below- from concept to illustrations, to final part.. I tested the final unit on my 51 ford pickup truck that is running the same Pertronix ignition system before shipping the coil off to my customer.

4/10/2013 11:30:51 pm

I am sure that we can easily maintain their trucks.

7/6/2013 06:05:48 am

To find original parts for a vehicle can help you check vin number.

10/21/2013 09:14:29 pm

I think that the automotive industry uses a lot of plastic parts


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