This simple block of aluminum was Hack Sawed down to correct inside dimensions of the clip's rectangular base shape.
The rectangular steel rivet set was just a convenient jig to hold the wire against the aluminum while in the vise.

The small brass tube is purposed as a bending aid--to be sure that the music wire bends at a sharp radius.

On the way to a series of right angle bends that now are easily finished with the aid of two pairs of  flat-nose pliers.

The carefully located drill holes are axis points for shaping around the shank of the very same drill bits that drilled the holes.
The radius of the drill bits is about half the final required wire radius, because the music wire "Springs Back" to a larger radius.

Note that as complexity of bends increases, stabilizing the previously formed wire is accomplished with vise grips.

W ha-La!         A nice old Alfa Romero Parts bag gives the final product a finished presentation. Off to Pebble Beach.
The original rusted part is on the right. The first prototype is on the left
Following are several other clips that we made for various customers, including drawings and proposals illustrating the idea before we began.
These Early Alfa trim clips are made from  Stainless Steel, and thus resist staining the body.

This was a custom made Cadillac grill clip
Proposal for clip requiring punched "T" in center of stainless steel that grabs a "Nail-head" rivet